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PVC/WPC Production Line Plastic Pipe Production Line Board/Sheet/Film Extrusion Line Special Extrusion Equipment

1. Product electrical components to implement quality assurance for six months (from date of shipment)

    2. Equipment Quality Assurance warranty period of one year (from date of shipment)

    3. Quality guarantee period, should the damage appears artificial parts, the company will be provided free of charge to the purchaser Manufacturers

    4. Quality guarantee period, the company will provide the most preferential prices paid to the purchaser Manufacturers

    5. "Supply-side free of charge to provide the main electrical appliances, spare parts manual and maintenance of books, equipment manuals, and machine maintenance information, provision of equipment, water, electricity, gas and equipment installation plans.

    6. For the party responsible for assisting in installation, commissioning and training services, equipment, three bags of one year after leaving the factory, three bags of equipment, one year after the supply of spare parts according to price. "

    7. Service - Contact Us

    Tel :0532-85213096 85213097 85213098

    Fax :0532-85205396

    E-mail: info@weierchina.com

    Zip Code (PC): 266329

    Address: Middle Ping cheng Road,East of Jiaoxi Industrial Zone , Jiaozhou City,Qingdao,China.

Address: Mid. of East Pingcheng Road, Jiaoxi Industrial Zone, Jiaozhou City, Qingdao, China.

Tel: +86 532 85213098, +86 532 85213097

Email: info@weierchina.com

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